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No. You will be provided with coloured bibs, corresponding to the colours of your chosen nation, so that you don’t have to worry about everyone wearing the same colour. Because you know there will always be that one person who shows up in the wrong colour! We don’t provide shorts or socks, only a
You’re going to get hot in the bubbles, especially during the summer. Wear light clothing such as thin t-shirts or vests and shorts to avoid overheating. If you find yourself getting too hot and sweaty, inform the referee who will stop the game for 60 seconds so that you can have a drink.
You should wear the type of footwear you would normally wear when playing on outdoor artificial grass pitches. In other words, football . If you play in other footwear such as daps, slip-ons, espadrilles or even slippers, you are endangering yourself.
Yes. We have teamed up with a number of local businesses who will be providing snacks and refreshments on the day. These will be free of charge. You will be given a ticket on registration with various vouchers attached, entitling to you a goodie from each vendor.
Yes. There will be a small number of portable toilets at the venue.
Yes. The cost is £10.00 per game (20 minutes). You may rent the same camera for the entire tournament (should your team progress), for £30.00.
Yes. There are plenty of spaces to park and moreover, it is free to park on the weekend. Since Footbubble World Cup 2014 is being held on the weekend of 14th and 15th of June, parking is not an issue.
When you arrive at Heath Park, you must register your team by signing in at reception. The event organiser will give you a questionnaire to complete, followed by other bits and bobs.
Yes. This is imperative. You must bring either a driving license or passport to confirm your age. If you provide fake identification or lie to us about your age, you will be automatically banned from playing. No player under the age of 18 is eligible to take part in this event. We weren’t born yesterday.
Unfortunately, you may still play. But this will be at discretion of the marshals. You will given plenty of prompts from us to remind you about bring your ID. Just don’t forget it!
In the unlikely event you get sent off, you will miss the rest of the tournament and will not be allowed to play. You will be warned many times about conduct before and during a game, so if you do end up getting red carded, you only have yourself to blame! If you exhibit any aggression towards match officials, not only will you be removed from the game, but your team will be automatically removed from the game as well. In other words, don’t do anything stupid.
Footbubble Rumble is our trademark name for a brand new type of football match which involves 4 teams of 11 and 100 different coloured balls (red, blue, black, white). The object of the game is for teams to kick the same colour balls as their kit into their own goal. The first team to get all 25 balls in their own net wins. The time slot is for one hour but games will vary in length. In other words, you play as many games as you can within the hour. The team with the most victories wins the prize. More specific rules will be explained on the day. This is our signature and most popular event – you will absolutely love it. It’s the football equivalent of Hungry Hippos.
If your team wins, all team members will be given free Rumble match passes to play the following week. In other words, you can play until your title as champions is surrendered. You will also be given other goodies. Your team photo will be paraded on the Footbubble website.
Unfortunately, you relinquish your title as reigning champions. If you want to compete in another Rumble match at a later date, you will have to pay again BUT we will give you 50% off (so £165.00 or £15.00 per player). This discount will only last for 4 weeks so make sure you take advantage of it!
We normally cover a 50 mile radius from our base in Heath Park, CF14 4YS. Any travel within this radius is included in your price. However, if you wish for us to travel a little further, the additional mileage becomes chargeable at 50 pence per mile. To see if you fall within this radius, CLICK HERE.
Rental of Body Zorbs (2 hours) Supply Insurance A trained Footbubble Marshal Queue jumps for ???
No, sorry. Fortunately for us, we are able to absorb the cost of renting a pitch outside of our overall pricing policy. If you prefer to play on a pitch other than our base pitch, that is perfectly fine but the price will be the same. If you’re planning on renting our bubbles in Cardiff, we recommend you use our base pitch to save you money.